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      Alumina for the United States aluminum split plans to put fo

      Time:2016-06-29 18:32 author:admin View:

      Dow Jones reported, Australian listed company alumina Ltd. (AWC.AU) 27 said has for joint venture partner Alcoa (Alcoa Inc., AA) to the court put forward counter sued, because the latter divestiture program in violation of the agreement of cooperation between the two sides, and split the plan did not get in the alumina agreed to before.
      Alumina holds a joint venture company World Aluminaand Chemicals Alcoa (referred to as AWAC) 40% equity interest in the United States, 60% of the equity and responsible for the company's business. Aluminum is the world's largest aluminum producer by market value, and the company announced last September that it would be stripped of the fastest growing business sector to establish a single company.
      Alumina filed a lawsuit in a court in the United States in May, asking for the right to make a written statement on its rights in the u.s..
      Alumina on Monday said, has asked the court prevent Alcoa did not get in the alumina agreed to place an order to take further action, also asked the court to give alumina rights and obtain Alcoa sold shares in the joint venture company offer.