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      Air conditioning foil classification2016-06-29
      Air conditioning foil because of its use of different performance, mainly divided into aluminum foil and hydrophilic coating of aluminum foil two categories. Plain aluminum foil refers to the rolling annealing, the surface of the aluminum f…
      Aluminum foil industry definition and classification2016-06-29
      Aluminum foil as a raw material for industrial manufacturing, products are mainly used in packaging and protection, living supplies, construction and so on. The initial development of Langfang Hebei in the building is the common application…
      Aluminum foil for air conditioning: fierce market competitio2016-06-29
      Since 2010, the home appliances to the countryside policy as well as the export market to pick up, driven by the rapid growth of Chinas air conditioner production, which also led to the growth of aluminum foil demand for air conditioning. N…
      Alumina for the United States aluminum split plans to put fo2016-06-29
      Dow Jones reported, Australian listed company alumina Ltd. (AWC.AU) 27 said has for joint venture partner Alcoa (Alcoa Inc., AA) to the court put forward counter sued, because the latter divestiture program in violation of the agreement of…
      Investigation on anti - evasion of aluminum foil in China2016-06-29
      June 1, 2016, the applicant filed on April 18, 2015 application, according to the Council of the European Union on the protection of EU from non EC member countries dumping imports against the 1225/2009 Ordinance No., especially is the 13th…
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